IP Starter Check - Products

The process of protecting your intellectual property (IP) should start as soon as you lay the groundwork for your business. But where to start if you’re a new startup or business novice selling products to customers?

This IP Starter Check – Products (IPSC) is designed to help you to navigate your way around the 3 most important intellectual property rights – Copyright, Trademark and Patent. It touches lightly on confidential information and trade secrets.

The IPSC comprises 4 checklists – namely Copyright Checklist, Trademark Checklist, Patent Checklist, General IP Checklist – and sets out the important IP questions you need to ask yourself. Explanation is used to justify or provide clarity to the questions to equip you with a better understanding of each IP and is complemented by recommended actions.

After going through the checklists, you will gain a bird’s eye view on the IP matters which are essential to your day-to-day business affairs and learn how to take the right actions for specific situations (such as what are the certain clauses you need to include in a contract, how you can set certain alerts to keep track of your IPs, how you can track down the alleged infringers, etc).

You will reach out to them everyday!

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