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Success in business is not a linear upward climb. Research shows that a Big Leap can happen anytime and in any situation. Regardless of how it happens – it is of utmost important to have the right people who can get you covered and get things done! 

Keeping in mind the overall objective and vision of your business, we create and implement tailor-made and simplified in-house online corporate and contract services enabled by technology and integrated with participatory action business advisory (PABA). This method not only improves your overall business efficiency but accelerates the growth of your business as well. So, while you continue to show up and grow your business, we’ve got your back!  

Contract Services

We provide a broad range of corporate and contract services enabled by technology.

These services include contract management, document review and corporate housekeeping.

Documents and information are easily accessible from anywhere, anytime and any device by the right people and are keep up to date using powerful, secured and simple cloud software.

Business Advisory

We use participatory action business advisory (PABA) for all start-ups, small and medium enterprises.

We strategise a wide variety of business deals (such as Series A investments, joint ventures, strategic alliances and distribution arrangements, international sales of goods and services etc) using PABA approach.

Participatory action business advisory (PABA) is a term coined and an approach invented by our founder to problems and challenges by synthesising participation and action to the said problems and challenges.

GDPR & Data Privacy

We understand the growing importance of data privacy in a world of digital revolution.

We develop key contracts and policies and provide guidance on GDPR and data protection of many countries.

Our Story

Founded by Vinnie Wee in 2016, InspireSpree Consultancy is a consulting firm providing innovative corporate and contract services to international clients including Europe, United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and Middle East.

We do so by being part of clients’ internal team as their “in-house lawyers” and provide online support on international commercial agreements, contracts and other documents as well as on cross-border transactions and projects including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and corporate restructuring. We also act as the key contact point for outside professionals and assist in managing their engagements.

Vinnie discovered that her unique ways of working have helped many clients in meeting their goals and overcome the challenges in a worry-free, effective and sustainable manner. She coined her approach Participatory Action Business Advisory (PABA).

We keep things simple, do things PABA-ly, get things done and have fun doing it!

Our Driving Force

Love moves us

Integrity leads us

You inspire us

Our Core Attributes

Our business is based upon the 3 core principles of Friends to Mankind, an international non-profit organisation which work with individuals, corporations and humanitarian organisations for the betterment of humanity:

  • In considering you, consider another too.
  • May your success be the success for humanity at large.
  • Doing what we can, where we are.

We hold these 6 attributes internally within our business and externally when dealing with clients and partners:

Meeting goals

We take time to understand your company’s vision, goals and challenges and are committed to help your company to achieve those goals and overcome those challenges.

Build to last

Business people like working with people they not only respect, but also personally like. Therefore, we believe in developing a personal relationship and being a friend which fosters a stronger business relationship that can withstand good times as well as bumps in the road.

Open Communication

Communication is the heart of a strong business relationship. When communication is direct and transparent, trust forms and helps to create a foundation for long-lasting relationships.

Good listener

Listening is a key part of how we do business. We are constantly sharpening our listening skills in order to identify underlying messages being communicated. It’s how we work and respond effectively as a team to collaborate and drive the specifics that will meet your goals.

Honesty & Integrity

It is important that we stay true to ourselves and to you. Hence, acting with integrity to us means being honest about our ability and inability without compromising on possibilities, and having the capacity to be with what is even at times of adversity. This is the right thing to do, period.

Value Pricing

As we value loyal business relationships, we use value pricing and establish fees before any work is done so you know exactly how much you can expect to pay ahead of time, without any surprises later.

Worldwide Partners

Primilian Holding Inc

Merger and Acquisition, Joint Ventures  & Startup Specialist

Dubai, UAE

Richard Imran Ding

Business & Corporate Specialist

Excello Law, UK

Michelle Whitehead

Lawyer and Mediator

Sydney, Australia


Kong Hui Chong

Advocates and Solicitors

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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